Since 2014, we have been awarding the best out-going student in M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology course at Manipal School of Life Sciences with Prof. J.V. Bhat Memorial Gold Medal. The winners receive a Gold medal and a certificate. This Gold medal is sponsored by Dr. K. Satish Shetty, former Director, Blood Bank, Kasturba Hospital, Manipal and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. In addition, since 2019, we have been awarding merit scholarship for students who obtain the highest GPA in the I Semester of all the M.Sc. programs at Manipal School of Life Sciences with a cash prize and certificate.
Prof. J.V. Bhat Memorial Gold Medal Winners
12014Ms. Supriti GhoshM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
22015Ms. Anindita MitraM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
32016Ms. Aarushi JainM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
42017Ms. Prachi GargM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
52018Ms. Apoorva DabholkarM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
62019Ms. Apoorva B SM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
72020Ms. Renita Esther DM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
Prof. J.V. Bhat Memorial Merit Scholarship Winners for obtaining highest GPA in the I Semester
12019Ms. Uchil Ashwini UdayM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
22019Ms. Neha AcharyaM.Sc. Molecular Biology & Human Genetics
32019Ms. Dharshini GM.Sc. Bioinformatics
42019Ms. Divya S. KulalaM.Sc. Systems Biology
52020Ms. Zinnia Frederick LopesM.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
62020Ms. Yuthika Shetty*M.Sc. Molecular Biology & Human Genetics
72020Ms. Ananya U. Salian*M.Sc. Molecular Biology & Human Genetics
82020Ms. Warange Shiwangi VijayM.Sc. Bioinformatics
92020Mr. Lakshmisagar.KM.Sc. Systems Biology
102020Ms. Joanna Ann DanielM.Sc. Genome Engineering